The Friends 夏の庭 1994 VOB DVD9 & DVDRip

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May 22, 2018 at Category:Japan

Veteran director Shinji Somai spins this coming-of-age tale about a trio of boys obsessed with death. Kiyama (Naoki Sakata) is a willowy lad who once heard that the average human in a lifespan breaths six to eight million times and as result stays awake at night counting his exhalations. His bespectacled buddy Kawabe (Yasutaka Oh) — after his father died — is even more fascinated by his own mortality. When he hears from his mother that an elderly man living lonely in a decrepit old house is about to keel over, Kawabe cajoles Kiyama and their rotund friend, Yamashita (Ken’ichi Makino), to go over to the house and see if they can catch the geezer in mid-croak. The boys see the old man (Rentaro Mikuni) gazing into space, haunted by some terrible memory. When he catches them on his property, they scream and flee, only to return. Soon, they befriend the old coot and learn a bit of the dark secret that plagues him. ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

The Friends 夏の庭 (1994) NTSC DVD9
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