The Invincible Eight (1971) VOB DVD5 & DVDRip

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May 17, 2018 at Category:Hong Kong

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Everyday when General Xiao and his men ride through the Imperial City, inhabitants have to scatter around in order to keep out of their path. One day when Lei plans to assassinate Xiao but gets hurt, another three fighters He, Jiao and Feng come out boldly to help him out. With the help of Zhu, a cook, He succeeds to escape whereas the other three are seized. Later on, He acquaints himself with the girl Gui. Along with another two girls, Hai and Jiang, these eight youngsters are the descendants of the late patriotic generals, who have been recently murdered.

The Invincible Eight 天龍八將 (1971) NTSC DVD5
Subtitlte: English – Chinese – Spanish


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