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At Cafe 6 2016 1080p Bluray

x264 1h 42mn 2 654 Kbps 1920×806 pixels Constant 24.000 fps
AC-3 Constant 640 Kbps 6 channels 48.0 KHz Surround Chinese
Subtitle: Chinese, English
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War Game 229 (2011) DVD9 VOB

Story revollves around five veterans who fled from China to Taiwan with Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) troops in the late 1940s. After decades in a military residential compound, the aged veterans are the last holdouts and find themselves facing eviction. Meanwhile, members of a champion airsoft team find out about the place and make what they think is an abandoned village into a practice field. Piqued by the intrusion, the five experienced soldiers decide to fight back and defend their home turf.
War Game 229 燃燒吧!歐吉桑 (2011) NTSC DVD9
DVD / VOB / Untouched
Subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese
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Taiwan Top 100 Album 1975~2005 CD Pack-Collection

台湾百佳唱片1975~2005 / 一个时代的音乐时间
Taiwan Top 100 Album 1975~2005
APE / Lossless / CD / .cue / Pack-Collections
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