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Soccer Killer 仙球大戰 (2017) ISO DVD5

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March 2, 2018 at 4:49 pmCategory:Hong Kong

Hong Kong comedy maestro Jeff Lau (A Chinese Odyssey) applies his madcap nonsensical humor to an ancient sports competition in the period action comedy Soccer Killer. Packed with references to everything from Journey to the West and Chinese mythology to wuxia novels and the Avengers, the film revolves around a high-stakes match of Cuju – an ancient Chinese ball game similar to soccer – between Song China and the Mongol Empire. Popular Chinese television host He Jiong, Twins members Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi, and award-winning actor Patrick Tam lead an eclectic all-star cast that includes special and supporting appearances by Joey Yung, Ma Li, Chai Ge and He’s Happy Camp co-hosts Du Haitao, Wu Xin and Li Weijia. Stephy Tang, Lam Tze Chung, funnyman Li Jing and Hong Kong action veterans Corey Yuen, Yuen Cheung Yan, Fung Hak On, Chung Fat and Chiu Chi Ling play martial arts masters recruited for the game. During the Song Dynasty, the Mongols use Cuju competitions as an excuse to wipe out soldiers of other states and then seize land in compensation. When the Mongols finally issue a Cuju challenge to the Song, corrupt official Qin Nu (Jeff Lau) suggests collecting taxes and presenting the sum as tribute in order to avoid a fight, but minister Liu Jin fiercely objects. The Emperor (Chai Ge) reluctantly accepts the challenge and launches large-scale trials to recruit a team. Determined to save her homeland, Princess Changping (Gillian Chung) ventures out and manages to invite masters from the top eight martial arts sects to join the team. Maocilang (He Jiong), the head of the small unknown Maoshan sect, also wants to join, but he is ignored by Princess Changping because of his lack of martial arts skills. Meanwhile, Qin Nu collaborates with mountain bandits to abduct Princess Changping.

Soccer Killer 仙球大戰 (2017) R0 NTSC DVD5
DVD5 / ISO / Untouched
Subtitle: Traditional Chinese & English
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E-San Love Story ส่ม ภัค เสี่ยน (2017) ISO DVD5

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February 25, 2018 at 2:36 pmCategory:Thailand

Sian is a handsome E-san (The Northeast of Thailand) guy who loves his hometown and his girlfriend. He is waiting for his girlfriend, Som to come back from Bangkok and to live their lives together. Sian helps his mother to cook spider flowers for selling in his little shop. That is how they make a living. After his father died, his mother raised Sian up alone until he completed his college. Pak is Sian’s junior in college who has been having a crush on Sian since her freshman year. Pak always begs Sian to be her tutor and help her study. Pak also always helps Sian cooking spider flowers and doing housework. Pak perfectly does everything for Sian, but he does not realize at all about her having a crush on him. One day by a distance and time…made Sian’s dream melted away by the coming of Som and her Chinese-looking new boyfriend, Jakrapan. They announced that they will marry to each other so soon. That’s make Sian lost himself and tried to find an answer from Som by having his best …

E-San Love Story ส่ม ภัค เสี่ยน (2017) PAL DVD5
Subtitle: No
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Nogizaka46 – Boku Dake no Kimi ~Under Super Best~ [2018] ISO DVD5

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February 21, 2018 at 2:14 amCategory:Video

Nogizaka46’s Unders release a best of album with 4 new tracks

[Album] Nogizaka46 – Boku Dake no Kimi ~Under Super Best~ [2018.01.10] (乃木坂46 – 僕だけの君 ~Under Super Best~)
ISO / Lossless / DVD / Limited Edition – 2018 4.20 GB
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Nai-Kai-Jeow 2017 ISO DVD5

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February 2, 2018 at 10:15 amCategory:Thailand

Nai-Kai-Jeow นายไข่เจียวเสี่ยวตอร์ปิโด (2017) PAL DVD5 – No subs
ISO DVD5 / Untouched
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Song from Phatthalung มหาลัยวัวชน (2017) ISO DVD5

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December 11, 2017 at 1:42 amCategory:Thailand

Phong, a teenager full of affection and dream, dreams to be a singer. Oh, Phong’s senior, decides to work for his dream in his hometown instead of heading to big city. While their families do not agree with their decisions, they form a band with their friends, composing songs from their lives; way of southern, bullfight, love and sadness. The film inspires from the real life of Oh Para, a country singer from the south of Thailand and his big hit single “Mahalai Wuo Chon“ (Bullfight School). Although it is a story of the southern teenagers of Thailand, but it is a touching and impressive story to all country people around the world.

Song from Phatthalung มหาลัยวัวชน (2017) NTSC DVD5
Subtitle: English and Thai (hardcoded)
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The Net 그물 (2016) ISO DVD5

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November 16, 2017 at 10:21 amCategory:Korean

A North Korean fisherman breaks his boat engine by accident and drifts down to South Korea. After enduring brutal investigations in the South, he eventually gets sent back to North Korea.

The Net 그물 (2016) NTSC DVD5
Subtitle: Japanese
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Shibuya High School Girl Curse List (2010) ISO DVD5

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September 10, 2017 at 7:59 amCategory:Japanese

実際に渋谷の街頭で女子高生たちにインタビューし、語ってもらう 大好評“呪いのリスト”系列第8弾!   今、女子高生たちの間で話題にのぼる 恐ろしい噂や実体験をリアルに再現!!

Shibuya High School Girl Curse List 2010
渋谷の女子高生たちが語った“呪いのリスト”8 (2010) NTSC DVD5
DVD / ISO Untouched 3.49 GB
Subtitle: None
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