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Howl’s Moving Castle 2004 1080p BluRay

Howl’s Moving Castle 2004 1080p BluRay DTS-HD MA5.1 x264-PbK
Howl’s Moving Castle 2004 1080p BluRay x264-UUU
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Sailor Moon R the Movie – The Promise of the Rose 1993 1080p BluRay

Long before Mamoru found his destiny with Usagi, he gave a single rose in thanks to a lonely boy who helped him recover from the crash that claimed his parents. This long-forgotten friend, Fiore, has been searching the galaxy for a flower worthy of that sweet gesture long ago. The mysterious flower he finds is beautiful, but has a dark side- it has the power to take over planets. To make matters worse, the strange plant is tied to an ominous new asteroid near Earth! Faced with an enemy blooming out of control, It’s up to Sailor Moon and the Sailor Soldiers to band together, stop the impending destruction and save Mamoru!

Sailor Moon R The Movie + Make-Up! Sailor Soldiers (1993) AVC 1080p
BD50 / Bluray / Untouched / 30.81 GB
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I’ll/CKBC (Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club) (2002) VOB DVD5

This anime is based on “I’ll” (AIRU) manga about basketball. This two volume OVA took the story from the popular chapter of the match between “Kokufutsu (Kouzu?) High School” and “Kokutai Training Camp Association” from the manga. It’s also focusing on the friendship between Tachibana Akane and Hiiragi Hitonari.

Very shounen anime about two arrogant guys trying to beat each other. Friends, but also sworn enemies.

I’ll/CKBC (Crazy Kouzu Basketball Club) (2002) R2J NTSC 2xDVD5 – OVA
DVD / VOB / Untouched
Subtitle: No
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“Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy (Anime)” Original Soundtrack 2017 CD Album

[Album] Yuki Hayashi, Asami Tachibana – Haikyu!! Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou Original Soundtrack [2017.01.18] (Yuki Hayashi, Asami Tachibana – 「ハイキュー!! 烏野高校 VS 白鳥沢学園高校」オリジナル・サウンドトラック)
MP3 / 320 / CD 117.26 MB
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Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go 1996 BluRay ISO

四驱兄弟/爆走兄弟Let’s & Go!!/爆走兄弟レッツ&ゴー!!
Bakusou Kyoudai Let’s & Go 1996 BluRay 1080p DD2 0 x264-MTeam
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Chibi Maruko chan The Boy from Italy 2015 1080p BluRay

Chibi Maruko chan The Boy from Italy 2015 1080p BluRay x264-UUU
x264 2 654 Kbps 1920×1 080 pixels Constant 23.976 fps
AC-3 Constant 384 Kbps 6 channels 48.0 KHz
Subtitle: chinese
Chapter Included
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InuYasha (2000) Complete DVD5 ISO

Kagome Higurashi, after being pulled down a well by a demon, finds herself in Sengoku period of feudal Japan, where she learns that a powerful jewel has been reborn inside her body. After the jewel shatters in an attempt to retrieve it from one of the many demons who was after its power, Kagome must join forces with the half-demon Inu Yasha (also after the jewel’s power) to track down the shards of the jewel before its power falls into the wrong hands.

InuYasha (2000) R1 NTSC 54xDVD5 1xDVD9
DVD / ISO / Untouched
Audio: Japanese, English
Subtitle: English
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Beyblade Season 01 (2001) DVD5 & DVD9 ISO

Thirteen-year-old Tyson Granger (Takao Kinomiya), along with his fellow teammates, Kai Hiwatari, Max Tate (Max Mizuhura), and Ray Kon (Rei Kon), strive to become the greatest Beybladers in the world. With the technical help of the team’s resident genius, Kenny (Kyouju), and with the powerful strength of their BitBeasts, the Bladebreakers armed with their tops called blades attempt to reach their goal.

Beyblade (2001) R1 NTSC 1xDVD5 7xDVD9 – Season 1, Eng dub only
DVD / ISO / Untouched / 44.04 GB
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Dragon Ball Super – 01-37 (2015) 720p HDTV

Dragon Ball Super – 01-37 (2015) [DragonTeam | Over8000] [HDTV] [HD 720p] Subtitle: English
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Dragon Ball Kai (2009) 720p BDRip

Dragon Ball Kai (2009) [tlacatlc6] [Dual Audio] [BDRip] [HD 720p] x264 2 506 Kbps 960×720 pixels Constant 23.976 fps
Audio AAC 2 channels English
Audio AAV 2 channels Japanese
Subtitles English
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (2012) 1080p BDRip

JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (2012) [Dragon-Releases] [Dual Audio] [10-Bit] [BDRip] [HD 1080p] x264 8 263 kb/s 1920×1 080 pixels Constant 23.976 FPS
Audio 1: AC-3 Constant 192 kb/s 2 channels English
Audio 2: FLAC Variable 2 channels 48.0 kHz 10.417 FPS 16 bits Japanese
Subtitles: English
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Dragon Ball Z (1989) Complete DVD9 Dragon Box (Pack-Collection)

Dragon Ball Z (1989) R2J NTSC 51xDVD9 1xDVD5 – Dragon Box, No subs
DVD / .ISO / .mds / Untouched / 388.91 GB
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono
Subtitle: None
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