The Duel of the Century 1981 VOB DVD9

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May 17, 2018 at Category:Hong Kong

This mystery-tinged “Martial Arts World” epic was one of director Chu Yuan and novelist Ku Lung’s last together for the Shaw Studios, but it’s another action-filled winner. Liu Yung and Sun Chien (the Korean kicking “Venom” from Chang Cheh’s internationally popular series) team to investigate the martial arts murders of a supposedly mortally wounded swordsman, only to find deception, death, double-dealings, imposters, and one deadly duel after another. No less than three choreographers are on hand to handle the multitude of magnificent martial arts.

The Duel of the Century 陸小鳳之決戰前後 (1981) R1 NTSC DVD9 – Shaw Bros
Subtitle: English, Chinese (6.2/10)