SNH48 – The Future Movement [2018] WEB Single

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SNH48’s 19th EP, another SNH48 Group release, this song along with GNZ48’s song from the EP were both pre-released on March 15, 2018 on Chinese music sites. The track 我的世界还有你 was released back in Feb. for the 2018 BEST 50 Concert. There will be 5 versions total, only difference between them is the group featured on the cover. The cover for the SNH48 version features the new Captains and Sub-captains of the group after their first shuffle.

[Single] SNH48 – The Future Movement [2018.03.28] (SNH48 – 未来的乐章)
MP3 / 320 / WEB 53.82 MB

《未来的乐章》 – SNH48 (The Future Movement)
《Eyes on me》– BEJ48
《抱紧处理》– GNZ48 (Hold Tight, 2017 Top 16)
《恋爱密语》– SHY48 (Romantic Code)
《奔跑的未来》- CKG48 (Running to the Future)
《我的世界还有你》– SNH48 Group
Tracks 7-12 are instrumental versions found only on the CD edition.

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