The Blue-Veiled / Rusari Abi (1995) VOB DVD5

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December 22, 2017 at Category:Other Asian

The Blue-Veiled (Rusari Abi) is made by Iran’s leading woman film director, Rakhshan Bani-Etemad. The subject itself, that of a love between an old widowed man and a young unmarried woman, is quite daring for Iranian cinema. The film dares even more by suggesting a relationship between the two whilest they are not married; although it is hinted that they have taken the ‘sighe’ (temporary marriage) vows. The film is full of little observations, masterfully played by the two leads, which quietly and yet effectively convey the hidden desires within these two adult lovers. The Blue Veiled’s main message seems to be that love knows no boundaries and can break many social taboos such as love between different ages and different social classes. It is a quiet gem which should be sought out and seen.

The Blue-Veiled / Rusari Abi (1995) PAL DVD5 – Iran
VOB / DVD5 Untouched
Audio: Persian DD 2.0
Subtitle: English