alan – Thought in a Decade [2017] WEB Album

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November 24, 2017 at Category:Music

3rd chinese studio album

[Album] alan – Thought in a Decade [2017.11.24] (阿兰 – 十念)
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Release Info
“Thought in a Decade” is the 3rd chinese album by Alan to celebrate her 10th anniversary of music career. It was released digitally through music and podcast streaming services on 24th November, before the physical release.

01. 龍女 (album mix) (Dragon Lady)
02. 心花 (Flower’s Heart)
03. Time goes by
04. 牧野往事 (Muye’s Bygone)
05. 雨之泣 (Raindrops)
06. Feel For First Love
07. 彼岸花開 (Blooming on the Other Side)
08. 美人谷 (Beauty Valley)
09. 樂此不疲 (Never Be Bored with It)
10. 幻夢 (Dream)
11. 賭注 (To Make a Bet)