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The Cut (2007) ISO DVD5

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August 9, 2017 at 5:51 pmCategory:Film

Medical Freshmen sunhwa (Han Ji Min), Kai fan (Wu Taijing), Zhong Shi (Wen Zhuwan), Jing Min, Zhi Ying and Eun was assigned to the same group on the anatomy lesson, in the face of the female anatomy classroom, all manifestations of unknown source or origin, be quite different, especially in the top students and the “silver Mack Daddy” Zhong Shi reaction the most prominent, the former tight scream turned to leave, the latter gleefully picked up the mobile phone to take the body out of the tattoo. For Yinzhu beat himself alone late at night dive into the anatomy classroom, was killed, while the suspicion falls on the rival when Yinzhu Zhi Ying body, Chi Ying soon died because of anatomical classroom, see Zhi Ying struggle, Kyung min mad. Realize that everything is a mysterious force manipulation, sunhwa, fan Chung Kai Shi for self-help, began to uncover the truth to a nightmare

The Cut 해부학교실 (2007) NTSC DVD5
DVD / ISO / Untouched 4.35 GB
Subtitle: English, Korea
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Shouting (1975) 1080p BluRay

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August 9, 2017 at 7:20 amCategory:Film

Junkichi is the son of a rich landlord, while Koyuki is the daughter of a poor lumber worker. The mismatched pair soon finds love, and against his father’s wishes, Junkichi decides to run away with Koyuki to start a new life. But when Junkichi is called off to war, they make a pledge to sing the song of engagement everyday until they are able to reunite.

Shouting 絶唱 (1975) AVC 1080i BD50 Untouched
Japanese LPCM Audio 2.0 (1536 kbps, 48 kHz, 16-bit)
Subtitle: English, Chinese(T/S)
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