Utada Hikaru – Forevermore [2017] 1080p HDTV

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July 28, 2017 at 5:26 pmCategory:Music

[PV] Utada Hikaru – Forevermore [2017.07.28] (宇多田ヒカル – Forevermore)
MPEG2 / HDTV / (M-ON! HD Full Ver.) 265.31 MB

Release Info
“Forevermore” which will serve as the main theme for TBS’s Nichiyou Gekijou drama series, Gomen, Aishiteru (I’m Sorry, I Love You).

“Forevermore,” which was recorded in Spring 2017 in Japan and London, also features drummer Chris Dave, who has worked with everyone from Adele to Justin Bieber, and is considered one of the 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time by Rolling Stone.

Utada Hikaru – Forevermore (M-ON! HD 1440x1080i MPEG2 AAC).ts mirror