Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka46 Hashimoto Nanami no Koisuru Bungaku ~Fuyu no Tabi~ [2016] BluRay ISO

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[BLURAY] Nogizaka46 – Nogizaka46 Hashimoto Nanami no Koisuru Bungaku ~Fuyu no Tabi~ [2016.12.20] (乃木坂46 – 乃木坂46 橋本奈々未の恋する文学 – 冬の旅)
ISO / Blu-Ray / 2 Disc / 42.34 GB

Nogizaka 46 Member’s first crown program “Nogizaka 46 Hashimoto Nana’s Fall in Love Literature Winter Trip” finally decided to be Blu-ray & DVD!
Bonus image with backside of shooting and exclusive interview recorded.

【bonus footage】
· “Nogizaka Books” complete version
· Unpublished! “Koisuru Seafood Bowl” SP image of Hashimoto Nana’s fascination with the market in Kushiro
· I will tell you all of Ulla in “Koisuru Literature – Winter Journey -“! Hashimoto Nana non non stop stop exclusive interview
· “Summer Journey” WEB Trailer & “Summer Journey” First Public Making

【Number of recorded stories】
Episode 1 “Norwegian Wood” (Haruki Murakami) Asahikawa / Biei
The second episode “The Adventure on the Sheep (Part 1)” (Haruki Murakami) Miyuki
Episode 3 “The adventure over sheep (second part)” (Haruki Murakami) Miyae
Episode 4 “Loveless” (Sakuragi Shii) Kushiro
Episode 5 “Fruit to Akan” (Watanabe Junichi) Sapporo / Akan

Nogizaka 46 Hatsumoto Nana’s Hatsukoi program
Intellectual entertainment traveling the stage with the book

The first crown program of Nanae Hashimoto (Hokkaido Asahikawa origin) of the popular idol group “Nogizaka 46” is a girlfriend who is known for literature, traveling along the stage with a book on Hokkaido’s subject, Intellectual entertainment telling the charm of reading.

In addition to Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” herself as one of his favorite books, “Adventures on Sheep” (Haruki Murakami), “Loveless” (Sakuragi Shii), “Akan” (Watanabe Junichi).
A beautiful picture expressing recitation of Hashimoto Nana’s novels and worldview of the work in all five broadcasts over various areas of Hokkaido is also one of the attractions.

Film, drama, documentary staff gather together
Movie-like images, beautiful music completed

Music is Ryozo Anan, who worked on drama “Beyond Bakken Record” (UHB in 2013), “Last night’s curry, tomorrow’s bread” (2014 NHK).
In editing, Yosuke Hori participated in the movie “My Man” (2013) and “Scenery of Coal City” (2010).
Movie, drama and documentary staff gather together, a slightly different look than Hashimoto Nana’s previous looks, beautiful nature in Hokkaido, images expressing the world view of literature, and attractive programs harmoniously shaking music It was completed.

There is also plenty drawn on the unknown face that Hashimoto Nana has not seen yet, in his hometown / Hokkaido.
Please expect it!

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