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Pretty Proofreader (2016) Complete 720p HDTV

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Jimi ni Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko (2016) 720p DoA Complete
x264 2 799 Kbps 1280×720 pixels Constant 29.970fps
AAC 192 Kbps 2 channels 48.0 KHz
Subtitle: English, Japanese


Jimi ni Sugoi! Kouetsu Girl Kouno Etsuko


Genre: Romance
Episodes: 10
Network: NTV
Broadcast: 10.00 p.m., Wednesdays, 5 October 2016

RAW credit to DoA

Ishihara Satomi as Kouno Etsuko

She joins a publisher with her sights set on becoming a fashion editor. She is assigned to the very unglamorous proofreading department but approaches her duties with enthusiasm and displays curiosity, concentration and energy. If there is anything that interests her, she would go directly to the location. Although her impulsive and unorthodox proofreading exasperates her colleagues, there are times when her way of doing things leads a piece of work in an unexpected direction and starts to move the people she meets while gathering materials.

Suda Masaki as Orihara Yukito

A somewhat eccentric university student whom Kouno Etsuko falls in love with at first sight. He is actually a writer who is hiding his real identity. He gets involved with Etsuko through proofreading and is also invited by Morio Toyoko to be a model because of his good looks.

Honda Tsubasa as Morio Toyoko

Kouno Etsuko’s high school junior. She is an editor for the fashion magazine ‘Lassy’ and scouts Orihara Yukito to be its model.

Aoki Munetaka as Kaizuka Hachiro

A popular editor who works for the literary editorial department. He looks down on the proofreading department.

Kishitani Goro as Takehara Sho-on

The head of the proofreading department. He hires Kouno Etsuko, sensing her ability, and watches over her.


Nakatani Mayumi (Dear Sister, Sono Hi no Maeni, Last Cinderella)

Original Work

Kouetsu Girl Series by Miyagi Ayako

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