Ningen Kansatsu – Monitoring (3hr SP) (16.04.21) 720p HDTV

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Ningen Kansatsu – Monitoring (3hr SP) (16.04.21) 720p HDTV
This is a relatively old episode but good. It has favorite segment – monitoring famous people when confronted with paranormal activity.

Title: 160421 Ningen Kansatsu – Monitoring (3hr SP)
Video Quality: 1280×720 x264/aac
Genre: Variety
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Runtime: 2hr28m

A popular show (about as popular as ItteQ maybe) where they set up hidden cameras and see how people (famous and average people) react to various situations.

160421 ニンゲン観察!モニタリング★人気俳優大集合!春の超豪華3時間祭り!.mp4

160421 ニンゲン観察!モニタリング★人気俳優大集合!春の超豪華3時間祭り!.mp4 mirror

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