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Ametalk (16.09.01) 720p HDTV

Ametalk (16.09.01) 720p HDTV
This episode is about Nadaru of Korokoro Chiki Peppers. (It is the funniest episode of the year maybe)

Title: 160901 Ametalk
Video Quality: 1280×720 x264/aac
Genre: Variety
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None

Weekly long-running program hosted by Ameagari Keshitai. The setting for the show is having other comedians come on who talk about a specific subject they set for the week.

160901 アメトーーク! コロチキ・ナダルSP

160901 アメトーーク! コロチキ・ナダルSP.mp4 mirror

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