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Morning Musume. – Engeki Joshibu Musical ‘TRIANGLE’ [2015] DVD ISO

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[DVD] Morning Musume. – Engeki Joshibu Musical “TRIANGLE” [2015.09.02] (モーニング娘。 – 演劇女子部 ミュージカル「 TRIANGLE -トライアングル-」)

Release Info
From the Hello!Project wikia:

TRIANGLE (TRIANGLE -トライアングル-) is an Engeki Joshibu science-fiction musical based on the manga α -Alpha- by Kuramochi Fusako, starring Morning Musume ’15, Sudo Maasa and Hello Pro Kenshuusei. The musical was divided into two versions, α and β.


People living on planet Alpha heal their hearts and forget about conflict. One day, by divine prophecy, the engagement of king’s daughter Sakura is to be arranged. However, Sakura is not told the person’s name. Princess Sakura. Asada, Sakura’s childhood friend. Lieutenant Kiri, who came from a planet of war. Until they finally reach that fateful day, the feelings of these three people have grown more complicated and intertwined.

Based on the work α -Alpha- by Kuramochi Fusako, a master of the shoujo manga world. The selected SF fantasy story makes its debut stage! Princess Sakura’s heart is spun in α, and Asada’s heart is unraveled in β; the perspectives and leading roles change in the two stories.

“If we touch, my heart will start to overflow.”
MorningMusume. – Engeki Joshibu Musical ‘TRIANGLE’ [2015]_DVD mirror

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