The Tale of Chunhyang 1980 DVD9 VOB

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June 1, 2016 at Category:Film

A tender-hearted young noble man, Mong-Ryong, falls in love with the famous Chunhyang, the most beautiful girl of a Korean village, who is also a pure-hearted artist but unfortunately from a humble family. This forbidden love yields a secret marriage which is doomed when Mong-Ryong departs for Seoul to pass state exams and his absence lasts three years, during which no news is heard of him. Meanwhile, the arrival of a new Governor puts Chunhyang in great peril when she refuses to break her marriage and obey the desires of the Governor.

The Tale of Chunhyang 춘향전 (1980) R2F PAL DVD9 – DPRK
DVD / VOB / Untouched / 7.82 GB
Subtitle: English, French

The Tale of Chunhyang (1980) R2F PAL DVD9 – DPRK, Custom subs.rar mirror