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A Fine, Windy Day 1980 DVD9

The lives of three young working-class male friends are followed in the film. Chun-shik works at a barbershop where he is in love with Miss Yu, a co-worker. Gil-nam, a hotel worker, is in love with Jin-ok, who works at a hair salon. Duk-bae, the most innocent of the trio, works at a Chinese restaurant and is torn between his affections for a factory-worker and Myung-hi, a wealthy girl. Together over drinks, the three young men talk over their lives and their aimless thoughts about the future. At the end of the film they are separated when Chun-shik is arrested for assault, and Gil-nam leaves to begin his military service.

From the KFA’s Modernization on Film boxset.

A Fine, Windy Day 바람 불어 좋은 날 (1980) NTSC DVD9
A Fine, Windy Day 1980 DVDRip x264-UUU
DVD / VOB / Untouched / 5.60 GB
Subtitles: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic


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