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Gundam-san 2016 Blu-Ray BD25

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Parody of the original Mobile Suit Gundam featuring most of its characters in 4-koma strips. In addition, there are several “sub-stories” featured, including Captain Zaku-san, which features anthropomorphic versions of the mobile suits from Mobile Suit Gundam, and Gundam Sousei, which dramatizes the story of the creation of the Gundam franchise and features Yoshiyuki Tomino as well as other staff and cast members.
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Gundam-san 2016 AVC 1080p BD25 – No subs
Blu-Ray / BD25 / Untouched / 25.04 GB

Uploader’s Comments:

In 2014 the anime short of Gundam-san was broadcast on TV, now it’s coming to blu-ray and DVD! The original was a manga based on the 2001 Gundam Ace series. This special feature blu-ray/DVD release is full of parodies to famous scenes and characters. Even people who don’t know anything about Gundam can enjoy this show alongside hard-core fans!

The blu-ray/DVD release includes 19 episodes of Gundam-san, 30 episodes of Gundam-san Proverbs, new footage of Chick Days – Comet Chick and the Mysterious Talisman, and a special booklet with doodles from Keiko Han!

The cast includes Katsuyuki Konishi (Char-san), Megumi Han (Lahla-san), Tsubasa Yonaga (Amuro-san), Kaori Nazuka (Sayla-san) and many more wonderful voice actors!

Blu-ray & DVD release 22nd April!!

Blu-ray: BCXA-1118 / 76 minutes (67 minutes of anime and 9 minute special feature) / Linear PCM (stereo) BD50G / 16:9 1080p High Definition / 4,800 yen (tax not included)
DVD: BCBA-4766 / 76 minutes (67 minutes of anime and 9 minute special feature) / Dolby Digital (stereo) one-sided two-layers / 16:9 (squeeze) / Vista size / 3,800 yen (tax not included)
※ Rental DVD from the 27th May 2016

Anime Features
・ New Chick Days – Comet Chick and the Mysterious Talisman
・ Non-televised Ending
・ Theatre Commercial
・ Gundam-san‘s Mobite Suit Gundam The Original Package Commercial

Other Features
・ Special booklet (20 pages)

・ Newly illustrated sexy case of Sayla-san
※ Blu-ray only

Gundam-san 2016 BD25 VOL1 mirror

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